September 29–October 9, 2022

Vancouver International Film Festival 2022

Join us in celebrating the 41st Vancouver International Film Festival!

VIFF is back in-cinema for its 41st edition, which includes revamped film series and a new international film competition for emerging directors. This year’s program features roughly 130 feature films and 100 shorts screening across seven Vancouver venues, as well as 20 other events. All films will be presented in-cinema, with a small curated selection of titles available for streaming across British Columbia on VIFF Connect.

The Cinematheque is pleased to join with the Vancouver International Film Festival in co-presenting these in-cinema screenings during VIFF 2022.

You can find more information about the Festival at viff​.org

Please note that Cinematheque Passes and Ticket Packs are not valid for any Vancouver International Film Festival screenings.

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List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2022-Sep See You Friday, Robinson Mitra Farahani 2022 France . . .
2022-Sep No Prior Appointment Behrooz Shoaibi 2022 Iran
2022-Sep Geographies of Solitude Jacquelyn Mills 2022 Canada
2022-Sep The Eclipse Nataša Urban 2022 Norway
2022-Sep Love Will Come Later Julia Furer 2021 Switzerland
2022-Sep The Word Beata Parkanová 2022 Czech Republic . . .
2022-Oct The King of Wuxia Lin Jing-jie 2022 Taiwan
2022-Oct This House Miryam Charles 2022 Canada
2022-Oct Stonewalling Huang Ji . . . 2022 Japan
2022-Oct back home Nisha Platzer 2022 Canada . . .
2022-Oct Soviet Bus Stops Kristoffer Hegnsvad 2022 Denmark . . .
2022-Oct The Hermit of Treig Lizzie MacKenzie 2022 United Kingdom
2022-Oct Carajita Silvina Schnicer . . . 2021 Dominican Republic . . .
2022-Oct Concrete Valley Antoine Bourges 2022 Canada
2022-Oct Anyox Jessica Johnson . . . 2022 Canada
2022-Oct 8 Stories About My Hearing Loss Charo Mato 2021 Argentina . . .
2022-Oct Like a Fish on the Moon Dornaz Hajiha 2022 Iran
2022-Oct Know Your Place Zia Mohajerjasbi 2022 USA
2022-Oct Other Cannibals Francesco Sossai 2021 Germany
2022-Oct Once Upon a Time in Calcutta Aditya Vikram Sengupta 2021 India . . .
2022-Oct De Humani Corporis Fabrica Véréna Paravel . . . 2022 France . . .
2022-Oct Queens of the Qing Dynasty Ashley McKenzie 2022 Canada
2022-Oct Motherhood Hiroki Ryuichi 2022 Japan
2022-Oct Harvest Moon Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam 2022 Mongolia
2022-Oct Day After... Kamar Ahmad Simon 2021 Bangladesh . . .
2022-Oct Quantum Cowboys Geoff Marslett 2022 USA
2022-Oct Riotsville, U.S.A. Sierra Pettengill 2022 USA