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DIM Cinema

DIM Cinema is an ongoing series that presents Canadian and international moving-image art in dialogue with cinema presented by The Cinematheque. Screenings are held once a month, usually on a Wednesday.

The series was initiated in 2008 by local curator Amy Kazymerchyk to draw attention to artists and experimental filmmakers whose practices engage with the cinema as a medium, social context, formal structure, or architectural space. The name of the series is inspired by the diffused Vancouver sky, the darkness of the cinema, and a quote from James Broughton’s Making Light of It (1992): Movie images are dim reflections of the beauty and ferocity in mankind.” DIM Cinema has been curated by Michèle Smith since 2014.

Upcoming Screenings

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  • Meriem Bennani
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List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2019-Sep Somniloquies Véréna Paravel . . . 2017 France . . .
2019-Oct Julia Feyrer: Broken Clocks Julia Feyrer
2019-Nov Marguerite Duras Marguerite Duras
2019-Dec Wonderland — A Xiaolu Guo Double Bill Xiaolu Guo
2020-Jan The Shape of Now Manuel Correa 2018 Colombia . . .
2020-Feb The Proposal Jill Magid 2018 USA
2020-Apr Zadie Xa
2020-Nov Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One William Greaves 1968 USA
2021-Sep Distracted Blueberry Barry Doupé 2019 Canada
2022-Mar Make Me Up Rachel Maclean 2018 Great Britain
2022-Apr Assembly
2022-May Iranian Experimental Film, Part 1
2022-Jun Back to Earth: Afrofuturist Short Films
2022-Jul Meriem Bennani

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Programmer Biographies
Michèle Smith

Michèle is an independent curator and editor, whose projects include co-editing the artist books series Drawing Room Confessions.