DIM Cinema
Screening Dates
  • October 24, 2018 7:30
Artist in Attendance

Programmed by Steffanie Ling

In her speech to the (UK) Conservative Party Conference in 1987, Margaret Thatcher claimed that British children were being taught anti-racist mathematics as part of a new curriculum delivered by extremist teachers.” In Anti-Racist Mathematics and Other Stories, a series of three speculative educational videos, Vancouver artist Byron Peters attempts to figure this anti-bias pedagogy within the lexicon of our contemporary mediascape. Each episode, visually distinct in its playful didacticism and in the composition of its unreliable narrator, is a thought experiment that oscillates between satirical dramatizations and sincere propositions for a world wherein the equation 10 − 3 = 13 expresses an ideology of sharing, collectivity, and mutuality.

Anti-Racist Mathematics and Other Stories is a series commissioned by VIVO Media Arts Centre that began with the exhibition Byron Peters –Before and After the Sixth Radar Conference (VIVO, 2017).

Episode 1 • Byron Peters • Canada 2017 • 22 min. DCP Episode 2 • Byron Peters • Canada 2018 • 30 min. DCP Episode 3 • Byron Peters • Canada 2018 • 30 min. DCP

Co-presented with VIVO Media Arts Centre

Feature Image: Episode 2, 2018, courtesy of the artist.

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