DIM Cinema

DIM Cinema is thrilled to present a program of experimental short films by multidisciplinary Anishinaabe/​French artist Caroline Monnet. A self-taught filmmaker (with a background in sociology and communication), Monnet discovered cinema as a tool to express myself, gain self-confidence, and reclaim my culture.” Since premiering her first film, Ikwé, at TIFF 2009, she has not looked back, determinedly moving forward in her exploration of Indigenous thematics in an increasing multitude of forms. The films in this program penetrate the gray zones between borders, states of mind, and stages of life” (Monnet), enmeshing the viewer in personal journeys and Indigenous presence while crossing a stunning array of filmic genres and influences—verité and surrealism, fiction and documentary, horror and comedy—with exquisite economy, artistry, and sensitivity.

Advisory: A film in this program includes a scene of residential school violence.