Presenting: Godzilla Stop-Motion Contest Films

Learning & Outreach
March 22 (Friday)

Five colourful images of Godzilla stop-motion animation

Monster movie aficionados of all ages dropped by The Cinematheque on October 29th, 2023 to participate in a Godzilla-themed stop-motion animation contest, in celebration of our Halloween King of Kaiju” series. Our Learning & Outreach team was blown away by the imagination it took to create—and destroy!—detailed cityscapes and towering monsters. It was a tight race, but the top prize went to William for Dragonzilla Fights, which demonstrated spectacular use of perspective, light, and shadow. All the runners-up also deserve recognition for awesomeness. Ryan and Erin had the most creative monsters—giant little girls! Pizza Box Productions made the best use of intertitles, and came on top in terms of the sheer number of monsters. Emory painstakingly hand-drew his animation, which shows incredible composition and use of close-ups. Elias’s use of low-angle shots made his monsters look extra frightening, while Annabel and her dad really emphasized differences in scale. Check out all the Godzilla stop-motion animation films on our Vimeo channel, and watch our calendar for more workshops and contests hosted by our Learning & Outreach team!

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