Films by
Wong Kar-Wai

Catalog of Screenings

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2021-Jul The Hand Wong Kar-Wai 2004 Hong Kong
2021-Jul 2046 Wong Kar-Wai 2004 Hong Kong . . .
2021-Jul Happy Together Wong Kar-Wai 1997 Hong Kong
2021-Jul Fallen Angels Wong Kar-Wai 1995 Hong Kong
2021-Jun Ashes of Time Redux Wong Kar-Wai 2008 Hong Kong . . .
2021-Jun The Grandmaster Wong Kar-Wai 2013 Hong Kong . . .
2021-Jun Chungking Express Wong Kar-Wai 1994 Hong Kong
2021-Jun Days of Being Wild Wong Kar-Wai 1990 Hong Kong
2021-Jun As Tears Go By Wong Kar-Wai 1988 Hong Kong
2021-Jun In the Mood for Love Wong Kar-Wai 2000 Hong Kong . . .

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