Peter Hutton - Program Two: Far

“Hit with a heavy case of wanderlust” as a young man, Hutton spent 15 years as a merchant mariner, and from then on was rarely without his 16mm camera. His gorgeously textured depictions of cities and landscapes are, in his words, “diaristic without being autobiographical,” using long takes and silence to encourage the mind to roam. Whether near to home or far away, “Hutton handled his camera like a curious outsider, lingering on the flow of water or the movement of clouds, taking in people in brief, penetrating but oddly distant portraits, not staying in any one place too long” (Max Nelson, Film Comment).

Florence | 1975. 7 min.
Images of Asian Music (A Diary from Life 1973-74) | 1974. 29 min.
Lødz Symphony | 1993. 20 min.
Skagafjordur | 2004. 33 min.

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Peter Hutton: Near and Far
DIM Cinema pays tribute to Peter Hutton, the influential American filmmaker and educator (Ken Burns and Kelly Reichardt were among his students) who died last June. Cahiers du cinéma described his body of work as radical and singular: “A sort of primitive documentary, silent, which celebrates the beauty of the world without forgetting to observe people, the conditions they live and work under.”

Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, At Sea will no longer screen. FlorenceImages of Asian Music (A Diary from Life 1973-74), and Skagafjordur have now been added to the program.