All That is Solid

Programmed by Melanie O’Brian and Michèle Smith

Reimagining the birth of the city of Brasília as an epic tale of exploration, prophecy, and myth, Ana Vaz’s A Idade da Pedra (The Age of Stone) leads us into the central plateau of Brazil to witness the raising of a monumental structure from its geological foundations. Caspar Stracke’s No Damage, assembled from fragments of scenes of New York City from 80 films made over as many years, reveals that architecture is not eternal but finite. Gordon Matta-Clark’s Substrait (Underground Dailies) explores that city's hidden passages and spaces. All That is Solid, by Canadian filmmaker Eva Kolcze, explores the utopian visions that inspired the Brutalist movement, and the material and aesthetic connections between concrete and celluloid. Featuring iconic examples of institutional architecture in and around Toronto (including the University of Scarborough campus, where David Cronenberg shot Stereo), the film serves as a bridge to next month’s DIM program.

A Idade da Pedra (The Age of Stone) | Ana Vaz/France-Brazil 2013. 29 min. HD Video
No Damage | Caspar Stracke/USA 2002. 13 min. HD Video
Substrait (Underground Dailies) | Gordon Matta-Clark/USA 1976. 30 min. 16mm transfer
All That is Solid | Eva Kolcze/Canada 2014. 16 min. 16mm transfer

Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Amie Siegel's Quarry will no longer screen. In its place, Caspar Stracke's No Damage and Gordon Matta-Clark's Substrait (Underground Dailies) will screen.

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This program is inspired by ideas raised in Erosion, a new film by German artist Andreas Bunte that was shot on SFU’s Burnaby campus this past January. Commissioned in partnership with Cineworks, Bunte’s film will be shown at SFU Gallery from September 13 to November 18, 2016.