DIM Cinema

Moving-image art in dialogue with cinema.

Programmed by Michèle Smith, co-editor of Drawing Room Confessions.



Current Showings

This program of short works visits themes common to both artists' practices.

Recent Screenings

In this groundbreaking experimental documentary, William Greaves sets a trap for his cast and crew who have gathered in Central Park.
FREE! Bruce Elder’s maximalist 7-hour film-poem epic screens in two parts over two nights.
A double-bill evening of Philippines-made features by filmmakers Shireen Seno and John Torres, plus a selection of works by Miko Revereza.
The first feature by legendary choreographer Yvonne Rainer observes a love triangle between three dancers from various points of view.
A series of studio visits with works by Jem Cohen, Sarah Pucill, Ken Jacobs, Bruce Nauman, Babette Mangolte, and Bruce Conner.
FREE! Canadian painter and filmmaker Jack Chambers's magnum opus is “one of the few GREAT films of all cinema” (Stan Brakhage).
FREE! Snow’s cosmic exploration of nature is preceded by Saïto's study of light and colour.
As part of Canada on Screen, DIM Cinema presents a free screening pairing two canonic works of Canadian experimental film.
Perception, temporality, and the visible are explored in Montreal-based artist Olivia Boudreau acclaimed work.