July 31–August 27, 2020

Film Noir 2020

This cruel COVID summer got you down in the dumps? Well, doll, we’ve got the antidote! Join us as the sordid, sleazy, cynical world of Film Noir comes crawling out from under a dirty rock for its annual place in The Cinematheque sun! Celebrating one of classic American cinema’s most creative periods in all its stylish, feverish, fatalistic glory, this year’s lineup spotlights eleven hard-boiled gems from noir’s vintage heyday, including the lurid likes of The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, Gilda, The Lady from Shanghai, and Pickup on South Street. And, hey, if you’re feeling a little feverish yourself? Then, pal, you need to scram! Got it? Take a powder. Keep your crummy mug at home. Or we’ll bust your chops. If you’re full of vinegar, though, and thirsting for stronger cinematic hootch — and we’re talking some dark, downbeat, desperate stuff, full of hoodlums and two-bit heels and dames I dare ya to trust for even one second — well, then, this is the right gin joint for a chump like you. Just remember to mind your own business, buster, because social-distancing measures will be in place. Just like Doc Henry tells us. And she ain’t no quack.

List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2020-Jul The Blue Dahlia George Marshall 1946 USA
2020-Jul Gilda Charles Vidor 1946 USA
2020-Aug Where the Sidewalk Ends Otto Preminger 1950 USA
2020-Aug The Maltese Falcon John Huston 1941 USA
2020-Aug Black Angel Roy William Neill 1946 USA
2020-Aug Double Indemnity Billy Wilder 1944 USA
2020-Aug Desert Fury Lewis Allen 1947 USA
2020-Aug The Lady from Shanghai Orson Welles 1948 USA
2020-Aug So Dark the Night Joseph H. Lewis 1946 USA
2020-Aug Night and the City Jules Dassin 1950 USA . . .
2020-Aug Pickup on South Street Samuel Fuller 1953 USA

Advanced tickets on sale July 29 (Wednesday).