Film Noir 2020
Screening Dates
  • August 17 (Monday) 6:30
  • August 20 (Thursday) 2:30
  • August 21 (Friday) 8:15
  • August 22 (Saturday) 4:30

“Possibly the best picture-maker in B-movies ... Lewis was the perfect noir director.”

Tom Charity, The Rough Guide to Film

B-movie auteur Joseph H. Lewis, director of Gun Crazy, The Big Combo, and My Name is Julia Ross, is a cult favourite for his brisk, stylish films noir. In So Dark the Night, a Parisian detective takes a much-needed vacation in the French countryside, only to become tangled up in a messy romantic triangle — and murder. Made on a miniscule budget with a no-name cast, and shot by noted cameraman Burnett Guffey (In a Lonely Place, Bonnie and Clyde), Lewis’s little-seen gem is “directed like a million bucks ... It has more cinematic ideas per square foot of screen than any number of contemporary A features ... This is what Lewis was all about” (Tony Rayns, Time Out).


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