August 5–26, 2021

Film Noir 2021

The original noirs remain the most resonant school of movie to have ever emerged in America.”

Michael Atkinson, Turner Classic Movies

Vancouver’s most popular (and pessimistic) summer film series is back! Join us for 17 nights of downbeat, doom-laden, deliriously stylish cinema, as The Cinematheque once again celebrates the sleazy, sordid glories of classic American film noir. Double-crossing dames! Two-bit heels! Cold-blooded killers! Cruel twists of fate! Crime, corruption, and chaos! The ten lurid treasures we’ve chosen this year are guaranteed to dazzle your eyes, darken your mood, and make you wonder just why the heck, in the midst of yet another interminable month of this dispiriting pandemic, you’re not watching something that’s, like, uplifting! But, geez, we all need a night out, right?

Film noir was an immensely creative period—probably the most creative in Hollywood’s history.” Paul Schrader, Notes on Film Noir,” Film Comment

On August 5, celebrate the opening night of Film Noir 2021 with live jazz in our courtyard (6:00 pm – 6:30 pm) and complimentary popcorn for both Criss Cross (6:30 pm) and Raw Deal (8:40 pm). Plus, the first opportunity to get your hands on our new Film Noir t‑shirts!

Noah Franche-Nolan and Kaelin Murphy are jazz musicians who regularly toured, pre-pandemic, across Canada and internationally.

List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2021-Aug Criss Cross Robert Siodmak 1949 USA
2021-Aug Raw Deal Anthony Mann 1948 USA
2021-Aug The Glass Key Stuart Heisler 1942 USA
2021-Aug Sorry, Wrong Number Anatole Litvak 1948 USA
2021-Aug In a Lonely Place Nicholas Ray 1950 USA
2021-Aug Laura Otto Preminger 1944 USA
2021-Aug City That Never Sleeps John H. Auer 1953 USA
2021-Aug He Ran All the Way John Berry 1951 USA
2021-Aug Kiss Me Deadly Robert Aldrich 1955 USA
2021-Aug Gun Crazy Joseph H. Lewis 1950 USA