Godzilla: King of Kaiju
Screening Dates
  • October 28, 2023 5:00

Embodies much of what the popular monster films have come to be known for over the years … It’s through [its] simple morality play that Ghidorah accrues much of its charm—not to mention its delirious wrestling match antics.”

Rob Humanick, Slant Magazine

The kaiju king assumes the role of reluctant hero in this second Godzilla installment of 1964 (Mothra vs. Godzilla being the other), which starts the sci-fi series down a far spacier path than before. Upping the ante on the Toho formula, Ghidorah brings together three of the studio’s biggest bruisers—Godzilla, Mothra, and new recruit Rodan (star of a 1956 standalone film)—to begrudgingly join forces against the Earth-annihilating threat of King Ghidorah, the triple-headed space dragon. The alien’s arrival is foretold by an asylum-seeking princess, who, after a botched attempt on her life, possesses the soul of a Venusian prophet. Developed last-minute to replace a delayed Toho release (that being Kurosawa’s Red Beard), Ghidorah belies its hastened production thanks to the elevated craftsmanship of the core Godzilla company. Its ringleader, director Honda Ishiro, here showcases his talent for balancing kaiju-clashing spectacle with compelling human drama.

In Japanese with English subtitles