Godzilla: King of Kaiju
Screening Dates
  • October 27, 2023 8:30

A creative high point in the Godzilla series.”

Janus Films

When Mothra (1961), Toho’s other kaiju property, proved wildly popular with moviegoers, a mashup between the studio’s top-billed monsters was a foregone conclusion, especially after the runaway success of previous versus” crossover King Kong vs. Godzilla. Reuniting Mothra with A‑list director Honda Ishiro, helmer of the original Godzilla, this effervescent entry in the franchise again finds Godzilla on the rampage and Japan sans battle plan. Hope rests instead on the benevolence of insect deity Mothra, protector of Infant Island and its pair of tiny twins, who summon the beast with song. Comeuppance for commodifying nature is central to the story, so too are the haunting lessons of nuclear warfare. Tsuburaya Eiji’s parade of hand-built special effects, along with Ifukube Akira’s dueling leitmotifs, helps raise this kaiju classic into the ranks of all-time greats. Godzilla, hereafter, would hang up its villainous persona and become a defender of Earth—collateral damage notwithstanding.

In Japanese with English subtitles

Honda’s vision for giant monster movies transcends the childlike fun of watching two kaiju duke it out. His unique blend of youthful wonder and glee, with complex social commentary, is a driving force of the Showa-era films.”

Graham Skipper, Godzilla: The Official Guide