European Union Film Festival 2023
Screening Dates
  • November 23, 2023 8:30

“[Žuvan’s] various insights into Croatian society, torn between traditions and modernity, are woven into the script masterfully … [Carbide] certainly simmers with tension.”

Marko Stojiljković, Cineuropa

Earning a buzzy spot in San Sebastián’s New Directors platform, the debut feature of writer-director Josip Žuvan sets a comic tale of childhood friendship and family feuding against a Christmas backdrop in coastal Croatia. Preteens Nikola and Antonio (Franko Floigl and Mauro Ercegović Gracin) are next-door neighbours and best friends. Bored and on winter holiday in their ho-hum provincial suburb, they aspire to internet fame by YouTubing destruction delivered by homemade pyrotechnics. The boys’ families, meanwhile, engage in their own form of fireworks: a fiery dispute over an innocuous water-drainage problem stands in for a deeper hurt dating back decades. Deftly combining coming-of-age tropes with ruminations on inherited conflict and Croatian society at the crossroads of modernity, Žuvan’s incisive film is the latest in a wave of acclaimed Croatian pictures earning festival attention in recent years.

In Croatian with English subtitles

Žuvan precisely captures how trivial things and everyday lies can, over time, turn into disagreements of enormous explosive power and, at the same time, delivers a stirring coming-of-age drama about a friendship that is put to the test.” Jörg Taszman, FilmFestival Cottbus

December 1 (Friday) through
December 17 (Sunday)

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