Penny Slinger: Exorcisms
  • October 20, 2020 through October 31, 2020
Free Virtual Screening

In The Other Side of the Underneath, Jane Arden and Holocaust Theatre Company used film to disentangle gendered dynamics of power and oppression and Arden’s own journey of self-realization. Three years later, Arden again teamed up with frequent collaborator — and Underneath producer — Jack Bond to create Vibration. An experiment into the use of aural and visual frequencies as a tool for self transformation, Vibration draws heavily from Arden and Bond’s evolving interest in Sufi meditation practices in the process of healing and actualization. While the film features Penny Slinger opposite Sebastian Saville, Arden’s son, in a series of meditative experiences, the work largely comes out of Arden’s own attempts to heal psychic fractures in the wake of Underneath. As with Arden, Slinger’s political and social activism is often manifested through a lens framed by mysticism and spirituality. By the mid 1970s, tantric practices had become an enduring point of reference for Slinger, filtering her understanding of surrealism and the female psyche.

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This film is presented as part of “Penny Slinger: Exorcisms,” a weeklong virtual series focusing on the film work of visionary British artist Penny Slinger co-presented by Fillip and The Cinematheque. For more information on Fillip’s publishing program and public event series, please visit

This program would not have been possible without the help and support of Nicoletta Beyer. Special thanks also to the British Film Institute, Blum & Poe, Jack Bond, and Penny Slinger.