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Before English actor Ian Hart impressed as John Lennon in 1994’s Backbeat, he played Lennon in this sensitive, speculative 1991 drama, a significant work of the era’s New Queer Cinema. “In the spring of 1963, just prior to the eruption of Beatlemania, working-class Lennon and upper-class Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles, went on a long-weekend vacation to Barcelona. The gay Epstein (David Angus) clearly has a desire for Lennon; Lennon is curious and playful. Director Christopher Munch presents a hypothetical game of sexual chess between the two men; never exploitative, he delivers a nuanced, non-sensationalized study of a friendship. With beautiful black-and-white photography evocative of A Hard Day’s Night, the film almost plays like a documentary. The two actors deliver strong, tension-filled performances as men on the precipice of great changes” (Jillian Borders, UCLA).


Restoration funded by Oscilloscope Laboratories and Sundance Institute.