Fellini 100

An intensely personal, exuberant, and extravagant film that is at once a fantastical autobiography and a kind of episodic, biographical portrait of the film’s leading character: Rome itself.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

In observance of the updated provincial health orders, The Cinematheque theatre will remain closed through January 8, 2021. We look forward to rescheduling this film at a later date. Tickets will be refunded.

Fellini’s opulent portrait of Rome, his adopted city, gives free rein to his outlandish imagination. A kaleidoscopic blend of fantasy, history, autobiography, documentary, and myth, Roma takes in Fellini’s adventures as a provincial schoolboy, fascinated by the Rome he encounters in class and in the cinema; his experiences as a young adult relocating to Rome shortly before the war; and his Magical Mystery Tour of contemporary Rome, conducted while he purports to be making a documentary about the city. Fellini’s penchant for the excessive and the grotesque is everywhere in evidence. Celebrated sequences include a high-camp ecclesiastical fashion show; a monstrous parody of a Roman traffic jam; a stylized re-creation of a Fascist-era brothel; and the discovery of an ancient Roman villa during a subway excavation. Marcello Mastroianni, Alberto Sordi, Gore Vidal, and Anna Magnani (in her final film role) make appearances.

Quintessential Fellini.”

Peter Bondanella, Italian Cinema