European Union Film Festival 2020
  • November 19, 2020 through November 20, 2020

Trapped in a loveless marriage, middle-aged Elpida has reached a critical moment in her life. Stuck in her modest apartment with a husband both indifferent and demanding, Costas, she’s also approaching what her gynecologist tells her is the normal life stage for menopause. Although she is anything but ready for it, this change of life” soon will take Elpida on some amazing journeys into love, freedom, and a new and better life. The only problem is that she finds it increasingly difficult to differentiate between imagination and reality, as her daydreaming is vivid and constant. When a handsome tradesman arrives to paint her apartment building’s exterior, Elpida really begins to experience, at many levels, a dramatic change of life.” But is it actually happening or is it just another fantasy? A fascinating mixture of drama and comedy, dream and reality, the emotionally powerful and engaging Pause has been described by The Hollywood Reporter as a striking directorial debut from writer-director Tonia Mishiali.”

This virtual screening includes a pre-recorded Q&A with Pause director Tonia Mishiali.

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