European Union Film Festival 2020
  • November 27, 2020 through November 28, 2020

Eerie, stunning, challenging and always compelling.”

Paula Fleri-Soler, Sunday Times

Located somewhere between Shakespeare and Samuel Beckett, Peter Sant’s imaginative Of Time and the Sea weaves together the fantastical and the existential in its strange, beguiling tale. Set on an island, the story revolves around the Old Man,” who believes that he was once a king. Together with his two daughters — the submissive Auxiliary Girl” and the defiant Girl in Orange” — they live day to day scrabbling for survival in a world where animal life has vanished due to strange sickness. Into their arduous existence drift several unusual characters: an obnoxious neighbor, a Chinese billionaire, and a handsome lost sousaphone player in search of his band. Meanwhile, the mysterious malady threatens to return and destroy this eccentric, precarious social order. Dreamlike and wondrous (and strangely timely, too), this film confirms Sant as a talented author and should establish him as a name to watch on the arthouse feature circuit” (Matthew Boas, Cineuropa).

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