Viva Varda! The Films of Agnès Varda
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  • January 28, 2020 6:30
  • February 6, 2020 8:25
New Restorations

Mur Murs
France/​USA 1980
Agnès Varda
82 min. DCP

In 1979, during a brief separation from her partner Jacques Demy, Agnès Varda returned to California and crafted two exquisite features — one non‑fiction, the other narrative. The first of the pair, 1980’s plein air documentary Mur Murs, is Varda’s vibrant ode to Los Angeles’s many outdoor murals, an artisanal hallmark of the Angel City that first enamoured the auteur during her prolific stay there in the late 1960s. Not unlike her 2017 triumph Faces Places, the film utilizes public art as a means of exploring the diverse, oft-neglected histories and cultures of a region — here, largely focused on L.A.’s Chicanx and African-American communities. Its punny title is a play on the English word murmur” and the French word mur,” meaning wall.”

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Uncle Yanco
France/​USA 1967
Agnès Varda
19 min. DCP

This exuberant short, Agnès Varda’s first film made in California, chronicles the French auteur’s search for her long-lost Greek uncle, a man she’s never met, in the bohemian enclave of Sausalito.


French master Agnès Varda produced some of her most adventurous and socially engaged works while living abroad in America. Relocating to sunbathed California in 1967 with husband Jacques Demy (who was contracted by Columbia Pictures to direct Model Shop, his English-language debut), Varda created a suite of spritely, self-reflexive films that effortlessly slip between documentary and drama, the personal and the political. Ten years later, she returned to the Golden State with son Mathieu and made two more films, with similarly wondrous results.