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Free online resource for artists aged 13–18 interested in making projects focused on 2SLGBTQIA+ identities, issues, and themes. Created by The Cinematheque in partnership with Out In Schools.

Cost: Free!

Create new worlds and make your ideas come to life! This online resource teaches the basics of movie making through a short stop motion animation project. The materials provided will support youth as they explore queer themes and their expression through the medium of animated film. Participants will create, find, sculpt, paint, and draw objects that will appear to move on their own through techniques such as claymation and pixilation.

Who is this resource for?

This resource is aimed at youth and anyone working with youth, and it can be used collaboratively or individually.

Are you a teacher looking for a new class project? Are you a GSA or SOGI lead looking for a fun community activity? Are you a youth aged 13–18 interested in expressing yourself and learning new filmmaking skills? Then this resource is for you!

How is the resource structured?

The resource contains a two-page PDF handout containing step-by-step instructions for completing a short stop motion animation project. There are six modules, designed to be completed over two days. Each module contains links to materials such as instructional videos, templates, and example films. Working through the modules in order will give you all the necessary skills and inspiration to complete a 3–5 minute stop motion film about 2SLGBTQIA+ identities, issues, and themes.

Day One is focused on pre-production. You will watch example films to help you start thinking about how queer lives are represented in the media, and how you might want to address queer themes in your stop motion project. You will learn about types of stop motion and techniques for visual storytelling, and you will plan your project with a storyboard.

Day Two is focused on filming your stop motion. You will learn how to set up your animation station, and then you will film your project. Finally, you will learn how to add credits and sound using the Stop Motion Studio app and, if you choose, how to add final edits using Filmora X on your computer.

How long will the project take?

We recommend splitting the project into two days, with at least a few hours each day to work through the modules.

What do I need to complete the project?

You will need a smartphone with a working camera and the Stop Motion Studio app (free for Android and iPhone) installed.

Depending on the style of animation you choose for the project, you may also want additional supplies such as: found objects; clay or plasticine; construction paper; markers; and paint.

A complete project can be made within Stop Motion Studio on your phone; however, you may wish to add final edits and sounds on a computer. If you choose this option, you can contact The Cinematheque for instructions on how to access editing software.

What happens once I finish my project?

Participants who complete and submit their projects in 2022 will receive a Creative OUTlets gift bag (while supplies last), and will enter a draw to win professional filmmaking supplies and equipment. Prizes including a Manfrotto fluidhead tripod, JBL headphones, and more! All projects will also be eligible for screening at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival in August 2023.

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Questions? Contact learn@​thecinematheque.​ca or info@​outinschools.​com

We acknowledge the support of the BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and Henry’s

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The Cinematheque is a film institute and media education centre devoted to understanding the art and history of Canadian and international cinema and the impact of moving images and screen-based media in our lives. With over 20 years of outreach experience, The Cinematheque engages with people of all ages through interactive film and visual media programs.

Out In Schools is an award-winning program that brings films into classrooms to inspire youth to step into the challenges and the triumphs of LGBT2Q+ communities. We engage youth through film in the promotion of safe and inclusive learning environments, free from homophobia, transphobia and bullying.

[Image Descriptions: (Left) Art supplies on a light pink background. Included are felt-tipped markers, bits of clay, clothes pegs, scissors, and patterned paper. (Right) Art supplies on a light pink background. Included is a pencil and eraser, patterned rolls of tape, bits of clay, paintbrushes, and cut-up patterned paper.]