Third Annual Vancouver Greek Film Festival
New Restoration

“[An] ultra-twisted version of Otto Preminger’s Laura. Features the most beautiful deep-focus black-and-white cinematography you’ve ever seen, plus a good dose of erotic vomiting.”

Kier-La Janisse

Nikos Nikolaidis pushed the boundaries of art cinema with this little-known treasure of Greek grindhouse, a compendium of transgressive cult cinema tropes including incest, lesbianism, bondage, erotic regurgitation, cannibalism, and sadistic violence. A lovesick detective (“Singapore Sling”) is inveigled into the twisted and sexualized role-playing games of a mother and daughter who live together in an isolated mansion. Remarkably photographed in black and white, with beautifully detailed production design and strong performances, Singapore Sling is a fever dream of queerness, weird sex, and noir—as if Chinatown, Taxi Driver, Eraserhead, Bound, Grey Gardens, and some Raúl Ruiz were mashed up in a frankly insane plot. Nikos Nikolaidis, the only Greek filmmaker to have won a best director prize five times at the Thessaloniki Film Festival (including for Singapore Sling), has made a film with powerful imagination, but also with great care and professionalism.

In English, Greek, and French with English subtitles

This Greek-made sickie has long been a legend in the cult movie world, and it’s easy to see why. Quite simply, Singapore Sling contains nearly everything we’ve come to expect in cult’ cinema: mind-boggling weirdness, unapologetic perversion, and a steadfast refusal to play by any rules.”

Adam Groves, The Bedlam Files

A grotesque, sensual, and altogether unforgettable genre cinema gem from one of Greece’s key arthouse auteurs.”

American Genre Film Archive

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