A Shadow Is Haunting the World: International Noir
New Restoration

With the help of cinematographer Christopher Doyle, Tam creates an engrossing portrait of [Hong Kong] … Tam’s film delivers an unparalleled expression of pure rage and passion.”

Mick Gaw, Screen Slate

Patrick Tam’s final—and possibly definitive—statement as a member of the Hong Kong New Wave is this pulpy and audacious heroic bloodshed film. The film’s prologue is a sun-bleached mission to nowhere; its climax a bloody symphony; its middle stretch a Triad game of death with the romantic pulse of star-crossed lovers Lap (Joey Wong) and Rick (Kenny Bee) at its centre. Tam is often cited as the mentor of Wong Kar-Wai, and after My Heart Is That Eternal Rose, he would take an extended break from directing to edit Wong’s Days of Being Wild and Ashes of Time. But even that lineage might not prepare you for the fearlessly, kinetically lavish look of this film. From blown-out fluorescents to cool noir lighting, with an array of split-diopter and slow-motion tricks up its sleeve, Tam’s ultra-confident tale of time, longing, and contract killers is Hong Kong movie craft at its finest. Tony Leung plays the young confidante of the main couple. Anita Mui sings the title song.

In Cantonese with English subtitles

Advisory: My Heart Is That Eternal Rose contains a scene of sexual violence.

A master of film language whose stylish and innovative use of light, color, frame composition, and camera movement create a world of visual exuberance … It’s hard not to notice [how] My Heart Is That Eternal Roses changes in colour and intensity create atmospheric effects.”

La Frances Hui, Cinevue

For me, there is no greater or more intense drama than the conflict of a love triangle, with the clashes of desires, egos, and emotions.”

Patrick Tam

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