Pagbalik sa Takipsilim: Kidlat Tahimik and Miko Revereza
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Across his shorts and feature films, Revereza finds ever-new ways of thinking with images, working across diaristic, documentary, and experimental modes to weave together personal and political histories of migration.”

Katie Kirkland, Film Comment

Four of Miko Revereza’s short films screen in this program, each of which tracks and indexes moments in Revereza and his family’s precarious immigration, cultural loss, and undocumented experience in the United States. These shorts navigate moments and memories from early on in Revereza’s immigration to his eventual return after years of living as an expatriate. Along with Kidlat Tahimik (whose work also screens in this double bill), Revereza presents figures and circumstances from different phases of colonialities in the Philippines’ history, from Spanish to American hegemony, and the trajectories that this history set into motion. In conversation, these two filmmakers and their practices trace the journey of the Filipino immigrant and the perpetual balikbayan, from moments of colonization, to immigration, to the return.

FOLDS (26 min. 2023) DROGA! (8 min. 2014) DISINTEGRATION 93–96 (6 min. 2017) Distancing (10 min. 2019)

Introduced by Christian Vistan, co-curator of Hang Out Hang Out Lang.


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