Screening Dates
  • March 14 (Thursday) 8:20
  • March 18 (Monday) 6:30
  • March 23 (Saturday) 6:30
New Restoration

The greatest Scottish film ever made by an Englishman and a Hungarian … A masterpiece about the glories of being blown off-course.”

Tilda Swinton

Stark differences—of national identity, class position, and romantic idealism—are blown open with rascally wit and cool temper in Powell and Pressburger’s first postwar film. Taking its theme from a folksong popularized by Burl Ives and Pete Seeger, I Know Where I’m Going! opens in a headlong, artifice-unspooling rush, as Joan Webster (Wendy Hiller) departs to the private island home of Robert, her financially ironclad betrothed, to seal the deal. Then a gale rolls in. Powell and Pressburger never slacken the pace, introducing a lively circle of locals who know how to endure the tide-swept environs, including an eligible laird (Roger Livesey) and the wilds-loving Catriona (Pamela Brown). Whether lingering at a cèilidh or watching the wind react to a wish, the film is equally rooted in the magic of spectacle and language; it’s left its mark on directors as varied as Bill Forsyth and Wes Anderson.

I Know Where I’m Going! will be preceded by a video introduction recorded by Martin Scorsese for the film’s UK re-release in 2023.

Funny and stirring, in quite unpredictable ways, with the usual Powellian flair for drawing the universal out of the screamingly eccentric.”

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

My favorite Powell and Pressburger movie. It’s eternally fresh, unpredictable, yet perfect in its apparent digressions.”

Robin Wood