Dangerous Games: Jacques Rivette × 4
Screening Dates
  • March 8 (Friday) 7:00
  • March 10 (Sunday) 7:00
  • April 1 (Monday) 6:30
New Restoration

“[Contains] Rivette’s greatest moments … Absolutely beautiful.”

Gilles Deleuze, Cahiers du cinéma

Jacques Rivette’s films might appear loose and open-ended, but they always hinge on moments of decisive action, a dynamic that receives its most satisfying elaboration in The Gang of Four. The action begins within the protective chamber of a theatre class for women, overseen by Constance Dumas (Bulle Ogier, now playing a director in a full-circle arrival from her film acting debut in L’amour fou). Lucidly navigating texts and emotions amid the many intrusions of the outside world—lovers, spies, and other secrets—the film builds an intricate plot structure. Split between classtime and home life, the film introduces, then activates, the distinct worldviews held by the members of the titular group—Anna, Joyce, Claude, and newcomer Lucia—roommates in a house with a shadowy history, many rooms, and much to recommend it… except for the ghost.” This witty and intriguingly serious film has its own students (Olivier Assayas, Whit Stillman), but no equals.

In French and Portuguese with English subtitles

The Gang of Four is Rivette’s most engaging and accessible film in over a decade … Ogier is superb: her performance during the rehearsal scenes is a marvel of timing, controlled interiority, and sheer craft.”

Elliott Stein, Village Voice

Jacques Rivette’s career-long exploration of the art and lives of stage actors reaches its emotional peak in The Gang of Four.”

Richard Brody, The New Yorker