Georgian Cinema: Dreaming at the Crossroads
Screening Dates
  • September 23, 2023 8:35
Vancouver Premiere

A gritty, heartfelt portrait of creativity and desperation on the margins of modern Georgian society.”


Niko, the drummer of the title, is young and poor. The band he plays in has a modest following but certainly isn’t going to make anyone rich. He also has a no-hope factory job and a sympathetic girlfriend, and material dreams he can’t fulfill. Then, one day, the drug trade beckons, with predictably chaotic results. A rock drummer who has led several bands, Kalandadze skirts clichés by depicting them through the quiet yet stubborn gaze of his protagonist. Lead actor Lasha Tskvitinidze, a director himself, turns in an excellent performance.

In Georgian with English subtitles

preceded by

Georgia/​France 2017
Tornike Bziava
18 min. DCP

Set just after the Christmas season, Bziava’s formally ambitious short is built on long, slow-zoom sequence shots of a Tbilisi bridge where people are fishing and workers are taking down holiday lights. This peaceful scene doesn’t last long… Resolutely poetic and political … One of the most original works of East European cinema” (Mathieu Lericq, Format Court).

In Georgian with English subtitles

The Drummer will include a video introduction by Kote Kalandadze and actor/​composer Gogi Dzodzuashvili