Sara Gómez × 4
Screening Dates
  • February 8 (Thursday) 8:20
Free Admission

A mesmerizing fusion of fictional romance and polemical documentary.”

Sukhdev Sandhu, 4 Columns

The only feature from the radical Afro-Cuban filmmaker Sara Gómez—who also worked as an assistant director with Agnès Varda and Tomás Gutiérrez Alea before her untimely death at age 31—is an extraordinary portrait of post-revolution Cuba. Blending invaluable documentary footage with a loose narrative about the budding relationship between an outspoken schoolteacher (Yolanda Cuéllar) and a young worker (Mario Balmaseda) facing a moral crisis, One Way or Another depicts revolution as an ongoing process that takes place at the level of community—among friends, lovers, coworkers, teachers, students, and parents, all of whom must work together to negotiate a new social order. Above all, Gómez offers a trenchant intersectional critique of the lingering sexism and machismo that, she argues, must be cleared away in order to create a truly just society. —Janus Films

In Spanish with English subtitles

“[A] deft mixture of cinéma vérité, ethnographic documentary, feminist social realism, and class-conscious revolutionary romance … It feels as relevant today as it did [then].”

J. Hoberman, The New York Times