Witnessing Change: Ukrainian Cinema in a Time of Turmoil
Screening Dates
  • February 11 (Sunday) 8:35
  • February 16 (Friday) 6:30

Elegant framing makes striking use of a generous widescreen aspect ratio, but the film’s main asset is a deft screenplay that subtly reverses the roles of father and son as the journey progresses.”

Phuong Le, The Guardian

The first feature of director Nariman Aliev, Homeward is a road film that also serves as an exploration of grief. After his eldest son is killed in the Russo-Ukrainian War, Mustafa, with his only other son Alim, embarks on a journey to recover the body. Mustafa’s family, like director Aliev, is Crimean Tatar, the Indigenous people of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Alluding to the historic deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944, the film becomes a memento of the trek their ancestors made. Aliev’s considered portrayal of the family’s mourning rituals and traditions adds a poignant layer to the story.

In Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, Russian, and Arabic with English subtitles