Screening Dates
  • September 22, 2022 7:00

Hosted by BLONDE COBRA programmer Lena Mrachacz

Kidnapped by a leather dyke, we set off into the desert of L.A. Pit-stopping at remote cruising sites, polishing varnish in plushy outfits, moaning with the sounds of engines, flirting with snails, bathing in body liquids—this program is about fucking and frolicking and indulging in audiovisual perversions.

Perpetual Perversion” is curated by BLONDE COBRA Festival for Queer & Experimental Cinema. BLONDE COBRA was founded in 2019 and is based in Cologne, Germany. With a focus on queer aesthetics and experimental formats, it brings together filmmakers, artists, performers, and theorists at the annual festival that combines historical and contemporary film and art practices.

Advisory: This program contains graphic sexual imagery.

Kustom Kar Kommandos
USA 1965. Kenneth Anger. 3 min.

Touch Me
USA 2020. Kenzi Crash. 3 min.

USA 2016. Malic Amalya, Nathan Hill. 6 min.

USA 2017. Malic Amalya. 6 min.

Slug Life
United Kingdom 2019. Sophie Koko Gate. 6 min.

Islands (Les îles)
France 2017. Yann Gonzales. 24 min.

Deep Inside
France 2005. Camille Henrot. 6 min.

Rising Sun Blues
USA 2019. Sura Hertzberg. 5 min.

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