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  • April 17, 2022 11:00

FernGully shaped a generation … A Silent Spring for the playground set, presenting millennials with their first look at eco-disaster.”

Chantel Tattoli, Vanity Fair

Seventeen years before eco-epic Avatar made box-office history, another film tackled the threat of man-made environmental catastrophe by way of fantasy and cutting-edge animation. Set in an Australian woodland inhabited by magical fairies, Disney-defector Bill Kroyer’s green-message movie revolves around a lumberjack (Christian Slater) accidentally made pint-sized by a well-meaning young sprite (Samantha Mathis). He then joins the fairies’ efforts to eradicate a pollution monster (Tim Curry) unleashed by humans clearcutting the forest. Robin Williams, in his first animated role, is the zany voice of a rapping lab bat. Elton John’s original song Some Other World” marked the Rocket Man’s first contribution to a cartoon soundtrack. Kroyer, an early adopter of CGI, bucked convention by marrying digital and hand-drawn techniques. FernGully was screened at the UN General Assembly on Earth Day, 1992.

Funny, pretty, touching, scary, magical stuff … It’s worth planning a family trip to FernGully.”

Hollis Chacona, Austin Chronicle

Screening sponsored by Vancouver Mom and MAKE Vancouver.


In recognition of Earth Day 2022 (April 22) and the legion of young activists demanding climate action now, Film Club is pleased to present this green-themed kids’ movie, originally scheduled to screen in 2020 but cancelled due to the first wave of COVID-19.

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