Screening Dates
  • January 31, 2022 6:30
  • February 2, 2022 8:20
  • February 9, 2022 6:30
New Cinema

One of the year’s best movies … [An] excellent debut … observed with warmth and playful humour, without ever losing sight of serious political purposes and the potential for poetry therein.”

Kieron Corless, Sight and Sound

In-theatre encore! This much-anticipated follow-up to Ephraim Asili’s acclaimed suite of films about the African diaspora is an innovative and exuberant dispatch from a consciousness-raising Black collective in West Philadelphia. Shot on expressive 16mm and loosely based on the director’s own history in a Black Marxist group, Asili’s dazzling, playfully didactic feature debut centres on a Philly twentysomething who inherits his grandmother’s home and, encouraged by his girlfriend, transforms it into a communal space for Black thought and self-care. From this ingenious premise, a revolving door of real-life Black educators, MOVE liberationists, and poet-activists (including Ursula Rucker and Sonia Sanchez) appear, edifying the housemates and viewer alike. Freely mixing scripted (often humourous) scenarios, archival footage, fourth-wall breaks, literature readings, musical performances, and homages to 60s Godard—La Chinoise in particular—Asili’s joyous and generous new film celebrates the legacies of Black radicalism in America while looking forward, with open-hearted optimism, to a new generation of enlightened Black agitators. The cosmic jazz of Sun Ra features on the stellar soundtrack.

A joyous celebration of Blackness … The Inheritance is alive, drunk off the colours and textures of West Philadelphia.”

Ryan Lattanzio, IndieWire

Playful, erudite, and boundary blurring.”

James Lattimer, Cinema Scope