European Union Film Festival 2021

Middle-aged Nikos lives in the attic of the family’s tailor shop. He has inherited this fine-suit business from his father, who owes the bank money and is in failing health. Once his father is in the hospital, Nikos is forced to take his business on the road, offering his bespoke services at a street market. In taking this wondrously strange tailor shop on wheels, he reinvents himself while bringing style and confidence to his new clients with his fine eye for detail and his sartorial taste. There are challenges, however, as the off-the-rack clothing world seems more in keeping with the tough economic times. Lucky for Nikos, he has amazing tailoring skills and a few tricks up his well-made sleeves to keep the family business alive. With its deft directorial touch and droll take on the recent economic and social challenges in Greece, Tailor is an appealing, sweet reminder that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. 

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