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  • November 21, 2021 11:00
All Ages

A cartoon that appreciates dogs as dogs, and treats one dog’s life with the gravity we’d want expressed at a memorial for a human of no importance who meant everything to us.”

Matt Zoller Seitz,

Ever lost a pet? The passing of a furry family member is a painful experience, particularly for children, whose introduction to the concept of death often comes about this way. Marona’s Fantastic Tale, acclaimed Romanian animator Anca Damian’s gorgeous and deeply touching French-made film, helps remind us that our animal companions lived rich, fulfilling, loved-filled lives—sometimes in more than one home, sometimes with more than one guardian. It begins, tenderly and impressionistically, with our heart-nosed dog protagonist and narrator, Marona, being struck by a car. She then reflects on the eclectic, colourful characters—an acrobat, a construction worker, a little girl—who have sheltered her and shown her affection over the years. Episodically formed around Marona’s flashbacks, beautifully animated with fluidity and collage-like assembly, this cartoon wonder tackles tough subject matter in a poetic, compassionate, and, ultimately, life-affirming way. In English.

Free popcorn, Film Club badge, and discounted ticket price for ages 13 and under.

A dizzying, moving tour through a dog’s heartbreaks and joys … It can be fun, even exhilarating. It can also carry the emotional impact of loss.”

Michael Ordoña, Los Angeles Times

Told with charm, wit, and invention, this is family entertainment with an appeal that should cross the generations.”

Allan Hunter, Screen International

Provides pleasures for all ages, but especially for dog lovers … Marona feels vibrant and upbeat even in moments of melancholy—like diving into an artistic child’s sketchbook and watching the illustrations splash to life all around.”

Peter Debruge, Variety

Screening sponsored by Vancouver Mom and MAKE Vancouver


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