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Considered by many Dennis Hopper’s greatest achievement as a director, Out of the Blue owes its title to a Neil Young lyric and its nihilistic spirit to punk rock. This pristine 40th Anniversary restoration of the Vancouver-shot cult film serves as both a time capsule of a city dramatically transformed and a testament to the mesmerizing screen presence of Linda Manz, who passed away this August. Manz plays Cebe, a surly, fatalistic teenager who claims Elvis Presley as her patron saint and punk as her chosen faith. (At one point, she invades the stage at a Pointed Sticks gig.) Already contending with her emotionally unstable, heroin-addicted mother (Sharon Farrell), her domestic life spirals into further disarray when her dad (Hopper) returns from a prison stint for a horrific drunk driving accident. Heralded as delivering one of the great teenage performances of all time” by Film Comment and cited as a figure of inspiration by Chloë Sevigny, Manz is the beating heart that anchors Out of the Blues maelstrom of incendiary drama. She won’t soon be forgotten, any more than will Out of the Blue. – VIFF

North American Premiere
Language: In English
CAST: Linda Manz, Dennis Hopper, Sharon Farrell, Raymond Burr, Don Gordon
EXEC: Paul Lewis
PROD: Leonard Yakir, Gary Jules Jouvenat
SCR: Leonard Yakir, Brenda Nielson
CAM: Marc Champion
ED: Doris Dyck
MUS: Tom Lavin
Restoration Producers: John Alan Simon, Elizabeth Karr
Production Company: Discovery Productions

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