National Canadian Film Day 2020
Screening Dates
  • April 22, 2020 through
  • April 30, 2020
Virtual Screening

A gentle, intelligent, very leisurely paced western with one terrific asset: Richard Farnsworth.”

Vincent Canby, New York Times

New Restoration

Gifted Vancouver filmmaker Phillip Borsos (1953−1995) made good on the promise of his award-winning shorts (including Cooperage, Spartree, and the Oscar-nominated Nails) with his remarkable first feature, one of Canadian cinema’s most revered works. Richard Farnsworth is gentleman bandit Bill Miner, an aging Old West stagecoach robber released into the 20th century after decades in prison. His introduction to modernity includes his first exposure to the movies: Edwin Porter’s 1903 classic The Great Train Robbery, which inspires old-fashioned Miner to attempt some new-fangled larceny. Jackie Burroughs co-stars as feminist and photographer Kate Flynn. Shot by Frank Tidy and written by John Hunter, Borsos’s beautiful movie offers a charming evocation of place and an elegiac, film-smart take on the Old West and Old Westerns. It won seven Genies, including Best Film, Director, and Original Screenplay, and solidified B.C.’s reputation as a film centre in Canada.

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Between train robberies, there is a delicately-handled love story.”


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