The Image Before Us: A History of Film in British Columbia – Take 5
Screening Dates
  • March 11, 2019 7:00

Luk’Luk’I is a cinematic punch in the gut and one of the most interestingly-constructed films of the year.”

Magali Simard, TIFF

Vancouver Métis filmmaker Wayne Wapeemukwa’s audacious debut feature is an uncompromising, sometimes fantastical documentary-fiction hybrid set in Vancouver’s troubled Downtown Eastside during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Beautifully shot by emerging talent Jeremy Cox, it follows the struggles of five vulnerable, marginalized characters: two individuals with addictions; a part-time sex worker; a man with a disability; and a roller-skating street celebrity. Some of the actors are non-professionals playing versions of themselves. The film earned high praise (it was named Best Canadian First Feature at TIFF and Best B.C. Film at VIFF, and selected for Canada’s Top Ten) but also met with controversy (some viewed it as exploitative).

Guests in attendance: Matt Drake, producer, and Angel Gates, cast member, Luk’Luk’I