The Image Before Us: A History of Film in British Columbia – Take 5
Screening Dates
  • March 4, 2019 7:00

Animation classics old and new, from established as well as next-generation Vancouver artists, screen in this two lively two-part program. The works in the first part engage with the local theme of our series. Bettina Maylone animates fabric and embroidery to recall summers sailing off B.C.’s coast. Haida filmmaker Christopher Auchter magically envisions an old Haida fable. Jill Haras pays tribute to legendary Vancouver lifeguard Joe Fortes. And Jody Kramer shows her appetite for the locavore diet. (We also let former Vancouverites Forbis and Tilby sneak in a tale from their native Alberta.) The second part is, simply, a celebration of the great creative imagination and artistry of local talent. Along with a dazzlingly colourful graphic work by Bambi Meets Godzilla eminence Marv Newland and striking films by Elisa Chee and Diego Maclean, it includes Animal Behaviour, the latest from Alison Snowden and David Fine—which, as we went to press, had just been Oscar-nominated (the couple’s fourth Oscar nod, including their 1995 win for Bob’s Birthday).

Distant Islands • Bettina Maylone • 1981 • 6 min. Joe • Jill Haras • 2002 • 8 min. Home is Where the Food is • Jody Kramer • 2009 • 6 min. The Mountain of SGaana • Christopher Auchter • 2017 • 10 min. Wild Life • Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby • 2011 • 13 min.


CMYK • Marv Newland • 2011 • 7 min. Lucy • Elisa Chee • 2016 • 9 min. Clouds • Diego Maclean • 2016 • 12 min. Animal Behaviour • David Fine, Alison Snowden • 2018 • 14 min.

Introduced by Dorothy Woodend, cultural editor, The Tyee

Guests in attendance: Bettina Matzkuhn, Jody Kramer, Elisa Chee, Diego Maclean, David Fine, Alison Snowden


Feature Image: Distant Islands (Bettina Maylone, 1981)