For over 20 years, The Cinematheque has offered film and media education programs and resources for youth, teachers and other community members. From intensive and engaging digital filmmaking programs to film literacy workshops and youth screenings at our theatre, we aim to foster an appreciation and passion for the art of film as well as an understanding of the impact of visual media in the world around us. We are especially committed to supporting a vibrant and active youth-in-film community in the Lower Mainland and throughout the province.

The Cinematheque’s programs are available to schools and organizations in the Lower Mainland and throughout the province, and are tailored to the needs and interests of each group. Our publications can be sent to any location.



Liz Schulze has been the Education Manager of The Cinematheque since 2008, designing and facilitating media education programs and resources for youth, teachers, filmmakers, and community groups.  A graduate of Simon Fraser University with an M.A. in Communication and a B.F.A. in Film, she has facilitated video production, film studies, critical media literacy and Professional Development workshops and events across Canada for over a decade, focusing on developing critical media literacy in teachers and students alike.


Hayley Gauvin brings a background in independent film production and an anthropological lens to her work with The Cinematheque, where she assists in designing and facilitating video production and media literacy workshops. She trained at Simon Fraser University, receiving a B.F.A. in Film and a B.A. in Anthropology. Alongside her work at The Cinematheque, she continues her independent practice as a writer, filmmaker, and member of the arts community.


Flick Harrison is a writer, media artist, filmmaker, hacker, community artist and educator in Vancouver.  Starting out on the CBC youth series Road Movies as one of Canada’s first professional videographers, he’s since made video in Pakistan, the US, Mexico and China.  As part of the Arts and Social Change project, he is studying community arts across Canada in conjunction with SFU, Concordia, U of A and U of T.  His work has been seen on dance and theatre stages, by millions of television, been nominated and won awards internationally, and slipped into, under and through almost every Canadian funding niche.


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