Media Literacy Roadmap

The Media Literacy Roadmap was a special, one-time grant project designed to provide workshops and resources to Vancouver School Board educators and their students. The project partnered our team with Teacher-librarians and Teachers at participating schools where together we created workshops and resource materials on challenging media literacy topics, from civic engagement and social responsibility to consumerism and cyberbullying.  The schools were left with a practical roadmap which they can use now and in the future when undertaking their own media literacy activities.

This project was produced with the support of the TELUS Community Foundation.





MLR_Body Image 1


MLR_Food Marketing

MLR_Sexism and Gender1

MLR_Violence and Media


Healthy groceries


Trouble viewing the icons? Install Google Chrome or click the links below to access the lesson plans:


Body Image and Social Media – Grades 6 – 9

Consumerism – Grades 3 – 7

Marketing of Food – Grades 5 – 9

Gender Stereotypes – Grades 5 – 12

Sexism and Gender Grades 5 – 7

Violence on Screen – Grades 2 – 4

Advertising and Healthy Eating – Grades K – 2