The Cinematheque is one of the hidden educational gems in Vancouver. I have been working with them for over ten years and they have proven to be a highlight of the year for myself and my students.

- Film Studies Teacher, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver



Most people love watching and talking about films; powerful stories can teach us about culture and history, and help us to learn experientially, emotionally and empathetically.  Our film studies workshops can help to structure that learning, initiating discussions that engage students long after the film ends.  With field trips to the theatre and challenging, thoughtful facilitators to guide the learning, our film studies programs transform movie-watching into a critical learning experience that brings your curriculum to life.  Join us to:

  •  Move beyond “like” or “dislike” conversations about film into complex, meaningful and fruitful discussions
  •  Analyze and deconstruct films, looking not only at story, but also dissecting visual language and the way it impacts meaning, personal and social responses
  •  Connect varying media and film representations of real-life events or issues, exploring perspectives and motivations behind creative decisions.

Though we have several sample workshops listed below, all of our film studies workshops are custom-designed to fit the themes and curriculum of the teachers we work with.  During field trips to The Cinematheque, we present and discuss curated short film selections, feature films, and documentary/fiction pairings (as seen below) to fit the themes and issues you’d like to explore. Contact us to discuss your field trip ideas.

Please also be sure to check out our Resources page to explore our Film Study Guides. A series of 20 packages exploring the artists, techniques, styles and practices that have dominated filmmaking for more than 100 years, they offer great techniques for exploring film with your students, and are the perfect introduction for anyone set to begin teaching film studies for the first time.



UNDERSTANDING A.I.: SCIENCE FICTION AND FILM Since the advent of film, screenwriters, directors and artists have used the medium to imagine the technology of the future. But how do past visions compare with our present, and how do today’s visions predict our future? Why do so many of our current science fiction films envision apocalyptic, A.I.-ruled worlds while our scientists and corporations race to create real-world artificial intelligence? Prepare for exciting discussions and debates about film and our shared hopes and fears on screen. This workshop could be accompanied by screenings of Ex Machina, Terminator 2, A.I., and Metropolis.