October 27–November 2, 2022

Take the Skin and Peel It Back: Halloween by Cronenberg

Put simply, David Cronenberg’s films are not for the faint-hearted … [He is the] conjurer of some of the most abject and sometimes nauseating images ever rendered for the big screen.”

Stephen Puddicombe, BFI

In this real-life horror movie we’ve all been living in, our own fleshy bodies have been cast as the monster—as the incubator of disease, as the destroyer of self and others. Canadian filmmaking legend David Cronenberg, cinema’s foremost baron of body horror, has built an enviable career (and an unmistakably Cronenbergian aesthetic) out of the fears and erotic fascinations we harbour about what lurks beneath the skin. From his earliest, most scandalously subversive films—likened by a journalist to grindhouse trash by an intellectual”—to this year’s glorious return to the weird, the great theme of Cronenberg’s cinematic oeuvre has been the human organism as a site of transgression, transformation, and terror!

This Halloween season, hold onto your guts as The Cinematheque serves up four body-horror classics by the godfather of the subgenre, plus a pay-nothing screening of his newest new flesh” think piece, Crimes of the Future (2022). It’ll be a bloody good time, if you can stomach it. 


List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2022-Oct Crimes of the Future David Cronenberg 2022 Canada . . .
2022-Oct Shivers David Cronenberg 1975 Canada
2022-Oct Rabid David Cronenberg 1977 Canada
2022-Oct The Brood David Cronenberg 1979 Canada
2022-Oct The Fly David Cronenberg 1986 USA