November 16–30, 2023

European Union Film Festival 2023

Europe without the jet lag!

Our perennial showcase of contemporary European cinema returns this fall for another best-of-both-worlds hybrid edition! Proudly presented in partnership with the Canadian Film Institute (Ottawa) and the European Union Film Festival – Toronto, along with the member states of the European Union and the Delegation of the European Union to Canada, this 26th installment of the festival in Vancouver features in-theatre offerings from all 27 EU members. A selection of films will also be available to rent online at euf​fon​line​.ca following the conclusion of our in-person festival.

Like last year’s edition, EUFF 2023 will include a fundraiser screening for Ukraine, organized in partnership with the Embassy of Ukraine to Canada. Proceeds from our presentation of Antonio Lukich’s celebrated comedy Luxembourg, Luxembourg will benefit the Maple Hope Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit organization committed to helping people suffering from the war in Ukraine.

Whether on our screen or yours, we hope you enjoy this year’s survey of recent cinema from across Europe.

Film notes written by Tom McSorley
Additional notes by The Cinematheque


For assistance in making Vancouver’s European Union Film Festival possible, The Cinematheque is grateful to Diodora Bucur, Press Officer, Delegation of the European Union to Canada (Ottawa); Tom McSorley, Executive Director, Canadian Film Institute (Ottawa); Jérémie Abessira, Executive Director, European Union Film Festival – Toronto; and the Embassies and Consulates of all European Union member states. Program subject to change.

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List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2023-Nov Ramona Andrea Bagney 2022 Spain
2023-Nov The Last Temptation of the Belgians Jan Bucquoy 2021 Belgium
2023-Nov Double Blind Ian Hunt-Duffy 2023 Ireland . . .
2023-Nov Miss Viborg Marianne Blicher 2022 Denmark
2023-Nov Freestyle Didier Barcelo 2022 France
2023-Nov Yasmine’s Wedding Johan Nijenhuis 2022 Netherlands
2023-Nov Comedy Queen Sanna Lenken 2022 Sweden
2023-Nov Runner Andrius Blaževičius 2021 Lithuania . . .
2023-Nov Io sto bene Donato Rotunno 2020 Luxembourg . . .
2023-Nov A Viper’s Pit Martin Bonnici 2021 Malta . . .
2023-Nov Semmelweis Lajos Koltai 2023 Hungary
2023-Nov Remains of the Wind Tiago Guedes 2022 Portugal . . .
2023-Nov The Man with the Answers Stelios Kammitsis 2021 Cyprus . . .
2023-Nov Soviet Milk Ināra Kolmane 2023 Latvia
2023-Nov 107 Mothers Peter Kerekes 2021 Slovakia . . .
2023-Nov Carbide Josip Žuvan 2022 Croatia . . .
2023-Nov The Spring of My Life Zavvo Nicolosi 2023 Italy
2023-Nov Elfriede Jelinek – Language Unleashed Claudia Müller 2022 Austria . . .
2023-Nov Mikado Emanuel Pârvu 2021 Romania . . .
2023-Nov Till the End of the Night Christoph Hochhäusler 2023 Germany
2023-Nov Listen Maria Douza 2022 Greece
2023-Nov Mother Zornitsa Sophia 2022 Bulgaria . . .
2023-Nov Leave No Traces Jan P. Matuszyński 2021 Poland . . .
2023-Nov Rap and Reindeer Petteri Saario 2023 Finland
2023-Nov Il Boemo Petr Václav 2022 Czech Republic . . .
2023-Nov Kalev Ove Musting 2022 Estonia
2023-Nov Riders Dominik Mencej 2022 Slovenia . . .
2023-Nov Luxembourg, Luxembourg Antonio Lukich 2022 Ukraine

Please note: Tickets to in-person screenings do not include access to online EUFF offerings, nor vice versa. See for further details on the virtual festival.