April 19–May 1, 2024

Bertrand Bonello × 2

The cinema of Bertrand Bonello [is] one of the most singular and inventive universes in contemporary filmmaking.”

Cinémathèque québécoise

Musician-turned-filmmaker Bertrand Bonello solidified his international status as a major director last decade (House of Tolerance, Saint Laurent, Nocturama). An artist energized and haunted by the maelstrom of contemporary life, he’s wasted no time beginning this decade with two provocative films. It’s hard to imagine a cinema better in tune with our dislocated experience of time—whether inside the pandemic (Coma) or the internet’s shuffle of calamities (The Beast). The Cinematheque is excited to present the simultaneous theatrical runs of these new works as Vancouver premieres.

The most profound connection [Bonello creates] is not between scenes, or between image and spectator, but between living and dead: between a past we have forgotten and a future we never knew … For Bonello, just as for Carpenter, Jóhannsson, Lynch et al., music has the capacity to conjure the beloved dead, to resurrect the ghost of an idea.”

Sean Rogers, Cinema Scope

Upcoming Screenings

  • Coma 1
  • Coma
  • France2022
  • Bertrand Bonello
  • 82 DCP
  • NR
  • Bertrand Bonello × 2
  • Beast 1
  • The Beast
  • La bête
  • France/Canada2023
  • Bertrand Bonello
  • 145 DCP
  • NR
  • Bertrand Bonello × 2

List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2024-Apr Coma Bertrand Bonello 2022 France
2024-Apr The Beast Bertrand Bonello 2023 France . . .