August 16–22, 2018

Bergman Noir

At that time the film noir directors were my gods.”

In a 1968 interview, Swedish master Ingmar Bergman acknowledged the influence of American film noir on his formative years as a filmmaker in the 1940s. The stylish methods and fatalistic moods of noir, and of German Expressionism, noir’s stylistic antecedent, are much in evidence in early Bergman movies such as It Rains on Our Love and A Ship to India—and, before that, in Torment, the dark psychological drama, directed by Alf Sjöberg but scripted by Bergman, that launched Bergman’s career in cinema. Expressionist tendencies remained pronounced in many of Bergman’s mature works. In turn, Bergman’s own particular Weltanschauung of existential angst and pessimism, of deeply troubled human relations, is one likely influencer of the Nordic noir” crime genre so globally popular today.

Bergman 100

List of Programmed Films

Date Film Title Director(s) Year Country
2018-Aug It Rains on Our Love Ingmar Bergman 1946 Sweden
2018-Aug A Ship Bound for India Ingmar Bergman 1947 Sweden
2018-Aug Torment Alf Sjöberg 1944 Sweden