Witnessing Change: Ukrainian Cinema in a Time of Turmoil
Screening Dates
  • February 9 (Friday) 6:30
  • February 18 (Sunday) 8:20

“[Lukich’s film is] both immensely fun and keenly observant about life and people in Ukraine and anywhere.”

Artur Korniienko, Kyiv Post

Antonio Lukich’s first feature film is a delightful comedy and road movie that explores demographic challenges in Ukraine while addressing the topic of immigration. Vadym, a freelance sound artist, wins an opportunity to collaborate with a Canadian video game company. Tasked with capturing the sounds of wildlife in Western Ukraine, Vadym needs the help of his energetic mother, who can shuttle him from site to site, to carry out the commission. Through the inevitable tensions in the mother-son relationship, My Thoughts Are Silent illustrates the longing shared by both of their generations to rebuild their lives in another place, outside tumultuous Ukraine.

In Ukrainian with English subtitles