Learning & Outreach Covid-19 Safety Plan

Our 2020 summer programs take three forms:

Both on-site and blended programs have been adapted to reduce participant crossover and ensure social distancing. As a team, we have been working diligently to adapt our programming and operational plans to meet or exceed the anticipated health and safety guidelines being developed by government agencies and health professionals.


Cleaning and disinfection:

All equipment (cameras, boom poles, laptops, headphones, etc) will be sanitized throughout and at the end of each day. Children aged 13 and under will have access to their own equipment so they do not have to share during the week. Participants aged 14 and up will share equipment only with their small crew (5 or under) and will sanitize equipment before rotating it between them.

Surfaces will be sanitized regularly:

Hand sanitizer, disposable non-medical masks, and disinfectant wipes will be available on-site at every program.

Drop off and pick up

Pick-up and drop-off will occur at designated spaces outside program sites and facilities (e.g. the courtyard in front of The Cinematheque).

Parents signing pick up/drop off sheets should use their own pen and avoid touching the sheet directly.

Participants will self-assess and/or be assessed by a parent or caregiver daily for symptoms of COVID-19. Those exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed on-site.

Facilitators will ask for a verbal “yes/no” confirmation at the beginning of each day that participants do not have symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other respiratory disease.

Participants will sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the facility. Parents who need to communicate with program facilitators are encouraged to do so by phone or video conferencing whenever possible.

Staff protocols

Facilitators and other staff will self-assess daily and will not come to work if they are exhibiting symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other respiratory disease.

All facilitators will wash or sanitize their hands regularly, including: at the beginning and end of each day; before and after every meal; after using the washroom; before exchanging equipment; after performing cleaning duties; before donning or doffing a mask; after removing gloves; and when visibly dirty.

Worksafe BC’s COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings states that PPE, such as masks and gloves, are not needed beyond those used by staff as part of regular precautions for hazards normally encountered in their regular course of work. Program facilitators will therefore not be required to wear masks on-site, though they may choose to do so. PPE including non-medical masks and gloves will be available for staff and participants who request them, or they can bring PPE from home. Staff who prefer to don PPE will be trained on how to wear it safely.

Further Information and Resources

The Cinematheque’s Learning & Outreach COVID-19 safety plan was developed in accordance with the Worksafe BC’s COVID-19 and Returning to Safe Operation - Phases 2 & 3 and COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings. The Cinematheque has additional safety plans for re-opening its cinema and regular programming. Participants, parents, and facilitators should review the following additional information: