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This screening has been cancelled due to The Cinematheque's temporary closure in response to concerns around COVID-19. Up-to-date information can be found here.

In Person: Sky Hopinka

Ho-Chunk/Pechanga artist and filmmaker Sky Hopinka, whose first feature, spoken mainly in Chinuk Wawa, debuted at Sundance in January, presents a selection of his recent non-fiction films, described by some as ethnopoetic for their multivalent approach to subverting the long history of appropriation of Indigenous representations, a history especially dire in film. As the title he has chosen for the program suggests, his work is rooted in the land, often using language to traverse tangled pasts and presents, observant, in his words, of “the play between the known and unknowable.” “The searching, striking digital films of Sky Hopinka are complex formal arrangements, conceptually and aesthetically dense, characterized by an intricate layering of word and image. But they are also wellsprings of beauty and mystery, filled with surprising confluences of speech and song, colour and motion” (Denis Lim, Artforum).

Visions of an Island
2016 15 min.

When you're lost in the rain
2018 5 min.

I'll Remember You as You Were, not as What You'll Become
2016 13 min.

Dislocation Blues
2017 17 min.

Jáaji Approx.
2015 8 min.

2019 10 min.

Fainting Spells
2018 10 min.

Total running time: 78 min. Format: DCP