World of Wong Kar-Wai
Screening Dates
  • December 22 (Tuesday) 8:40
  • December 26 (Saturday) 6:15
  • December 28 (Monday) 6:15
  • December 30 (Wednesday) 4:30
New Restoration

“Breathtakingly gorgeous … Dizzy with a nose-against-the-glass romantic spirit that has been missing from the cinema forever.”

Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

In response to the new provincial health orders, The Cinematheque has closed the theatre and cancelled in-person screenings from November 23 through December 7. We have also momentarily suspended ticket sales for all future screenings.

The wondrous Wong Kar-Wai graduated from Hong Kong hipster to mature international master with this moody, moving mood piece, but he’s ever the exhilarating visual stylist, and memory, regret, and the relentless passage of time remain his métier. Two of Asia’s most glamorous performers, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (the latter winning Best Actor honours at Cannes), play neighbours in 1962 Hong Kong who come to suspect that their respective spouses are having an affair. As these two wounded souls begin spending time in each other’s company, intense feelings, largely unspoken and unacted upon, develop between them. Wong’s ravishing, erotically charged drama of repression is orchestrated through details of gesture, glance, setting, and clothing (check out Cheung’s amazing dresses!), and filtered through the dreamy mind’s eye of remembrance. In the Mood for Love is one of contemporary cinema’s most esteemed works.

December 31 – January 7
The virtual screening link will go live on December 31, at which time you can purchase a ticket to stream the film.

“Unmissable … An enthralling, enigmatic, romantic drama from Asia's most influential auteur.”

Richard Corliss, Time

“The film is achingly, shockingly beautiful … An evanescent masterwork.”

Manohla Dargis, L.A. Weekly

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